Friday, November 29, 2013

Frisbee #3

 I just wanted to throw a little happiness your way.
This is another Indoor Flying Doily Frisbee.
It’s soft and washable and relatively safe for indoor play.
And yes, it is a good flyer.
It’s a very easy pattern, and should take about 2 hours (or so) to complete.
My youngest grandson told me he wanted colorful Frisbees.
So this one is for you, Kai!
Lots of colors!
Hope you all enjoy it! 
The Frisbee changes color every few rows or so.
Or it can be made in all one color.
Colors can be:
Rainbow, Pastel, Bold, and Holiday festive…. whatever.
It does not take much of each color, so it is a good stash-buster. 
I used a worsted weight cotton yarn because it is soft and washable. 
If you want, you can experiment with other yarns:
I would love to see pictures of your projects. 
Gauge is not critical.
And size does not matter…too much.
You can vary the size of the Frisbee by changing the hook size: 
3.5mm (for a smaller one)
5mm hook (for a larger one).
I would not recommend using any hook larger than 5mm, because it might be a bit too loose to fly effectively. 
Smaller Frisbees fly a bit faster because they are lighter weight.
The bigger ones are easier to catch (more surface space).
They have been tested by grandchildren.
And they all fly really well.   
Regarding copyright:
This is a free pattern for your personal use.
You are welcome to sell any items that you make.
But, do not sell the pattern or reproduce the text without permission. 
“Smile every chance you get.
Not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the problems you know you don’t have.”
Materials: WW Cotton (I used Sugar n Cream):
Various colors
Rnd 1 = ~2 ½ yds.
Rnds 2 - 3 = ~7 yds.
Rnd 4 – 5 = ~8 yds.
Rnds 6 – 7 = ~12 yds.
Rnds 8 – 11 = ~33 yds.
Total About 63 yds. (~1.5 oz)  
G / 4mm
Large rounded needle to sew yarn 

Gauge is not critical.  First 2 rounds = about 2” (5cm) 
Size:   about 7 ½” (19cm) in diameter  
Beg = Beginning
BLO = Back Loop Only
Ch = Chain
FLO = Front Loop Only
FO = Fasten Off
Dc = Double Crochet
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Sc = Single Crochet
Sk = Skip
Sp(s) = Space(s)
Ss = Slip Stitch
St(s) – Stitch(es) 
Uses US Terminology
Frisbee 3:
Rnd 1:  Ch 10, join in the first ch to form ring. 
[Work over the beg-yarn-tail to minimize weaving in later]
Ch 4, (Counts as a Dc + Ch-1)
(Dc, Ch 1) 11 times in the ring. 
Join with a ss to 3rd ch of beg-ch-4.  FO.   (12dcs and 12 ch-1 sps) 
Rnd 2:  Join new color with a Sc in 1st sp. 
(Ch 8, Sk next ch-1-sp, Sc in next sp) around. Join with a ss in 1st sc.  (6 Ch-8-sps) 
Rnd 3:  Note:  Mark the first Dc in this round, for next round joining.
Also, you can work over the beg-yarn-tail from rnd 2 and the end-yarn-tail from rnd 1, to minimize weaving in later.  
(Sc, 3 Hdc, Dc, 3 Hdc, Sc) in each ch-8-sp around. Join with a ss in 1st sc. FO. (6 Shells) 
Rnd 4:  Join new color with a Sc in 1st dc (marked st). 
Ch 3, Sk 2 sts, Hdc in next hdc, Ch 3, Sk 2 sts (these two sts are the sc’s), Hdc in next hdc, Ch 3, Sk 2 sts. 
**Sc in Dc at top of next shell, Ch 3, Sk 2, Hdc in next, Ch 3, Sk 2, Hdc in next, Ch 3, Sk 2**
Repeat bet ** to ** around.
Join the last ch-3 with a ss in 1st sc.  (18 Ch-3-sps) 
Rnd 5:  [Work over the yarn tails]
Ch 1 and then 4 Sc in each space around.  Join with a ss in 1st sc.  FO. (72 sc) 
Rnd 6:  Join new color with a Ss in 1st sc, Ch 7 (counts as a dc + Ch-4),
(Sk 2 sc, Dc in next st, Ch 4) around.  Join with a ss in the 3rd ch of the beg-ch-7. (24 dc + 24 ch-4-sps) 
Rnd 7:  Ch 1 and then 4 Sc in each space around.  Join with a ss in 1st sc.  FO.  (96 sc)  
Rnd 8: Join new color with a Ss in 1st sc, Ch 1, Hdc in FLO of the same st.
Hdc in FLO of each st around.  Join with a ss in top of beg hdc.  (96 hdc)
Note: the back loops of round 7 will be used later to sew to free loop on round 11. 
Rnds 9 - 11:  Ch 2, Hdc in BLO of 1st st and around.  Join with a ss in 1st hdc. 
FO after rnd 11 with 36” (92cm) to sew.  (96 hdc)
Note:  Round 11 will not show on finished Frisbee.  It is tucked inside. 
Fold Round 11 under and sew the first free loop of Rnd 7 to the first free loop of 10.
Note:  Put the needle under the free loop on Rnd 7 and up through the matching free loop on Rnd 10.  Keep tucking Rnd 11 under to the inside.  Continue around the doily with all 96 stitches.   Weave in the ends.  
Throw it and have fun!
2013 P Perkins
Pdf - Frisbee #3